The mission of Gretchen Reeder Elementary School is to guarantee that each student masters the academic and life skills necessary for personal excellence through exemplary instruction in a safe, welcoming, student-centered environment empowering all students to become responsible citizens and life-long learners.


·      All students will meet or exceed district and state standards; the achievement gap between subgroups will decrease annually; and overall performance on district and state assessments will increase annually.


·      Each student will set and achieve challenging educational and career goals tailored to his/her abilities, interests and aspirations.

·      The percentage of students participating in and performing at high levels on measures of national educational excellence will increase annually.

·      All students will develop and consistently demonstrate character traits and positive behaviors necessary for personal excellence and responsible citizenship.


1.     We will develop and implement plans to promote higher academic achievement for each student.

2.     We will develop and implement plans to teach students to be effective problem solvers in order to be responsible 

        citizens and life-long learners.

3.     We will develop and implement plans to improve effective communication amongst all stakeholders.