I work with students individually throughout the year for a variety of reasons.  There are times when students become sad, scared or angry. Students may have a conflict with a classmate or a friend during the day. It’s important for students to talk out their feelings in order to focus on their learning in the classroom. Staff can request that I visit with a student and parents can too. Many times, students will request to talk with me.  I have “I Need to See Mrs. White” forms in my office that students complete if they’d like to talk or need support. At times, situations that occur outside of school (Ex. death, divorce, illness) can affect students at school and make it difficult for them to do their best learning.  I am available to all of our students to listen, help solve problems and to help them be the best students they can be academically, personally and socially. There may be times I call home to discuss a concern or student situation with a parent. However, I do not call home every time I visit with a student individually throughout the school day.