A Quick Reminder on School Visit Procedures We welcome our families to join students for lunch. It’s a special treat they love, and we enjoy the opportunity for you to see our school in action! So you will always know what to expect, here is a quick reminder of our school visit procedures for everyone: 

All approved visitors must sign in and receive a visitor’s badge. Please wear the badge where it is easy for our teachers and staff to see it. 

If you are listed as a parent or guardian on the student’s records, then you are welcome. However, please be prepared to present your ID as staff covering the front desk may not recognize you. If your student is expecting someone who is not listed on their records, please let us know. If someone other than a parent or guardian arrives unexpectedly, then we will contact you for parental permission before they join the student for lunch. 

Visitors who bring a lunch to school may not bring lunch for other students. Thank you for stopping by! We look forward to seeing you soon.