Reeder Site Plan


Plans Amended

Monday, April 12, 2021

Mission Statement

The mission of Gretchen Reeder Elementary School is to guarantee a safe, welcoming, student-centered environment which provides rigorous and engaging instruction, enabling all students to demonstrate academic growth and achievement as well as the life skills necessary for personal excellence.


  • All students will meet or exceed district and state standards; the achievement gap between subgroups will decrease annually; and overall performance on district, state, and national assessments will increase annually.
  • Individual student growth on district, state, and national assessments will increase annually and exceed national targets.
  • The percentage of students participating in and performing at high levels on measures of national and/or international educational excellence will increase annually.
  • All students will demonstrate the character and positive behaviors necessary for personal excellence and responsible citizenship.


  1. We will increase student growth and achievement through consistent, rigorous delivery of the curriculum with engaging and innovative practices while meeting the developmental needs of each student.
  2. In cooperation with family and community, we will address the social emotional needs of our students by implementing systematic practices that promote good character, positive social behavior, and responsible citizenship.
  3. We will develop a “We Can - We Will” school culture by creating an environment which fosters respect and collaboration between staff, students and families.